Windows Software for Gilaki Scripture

Dear brothers and sisters, the Holy Bible computer program is high-quality, easy-to-use Windows program for viewing and searching scripture in one or more Bible translations. This program available for download below is pre-configured with Farsi and Gilaki scriptures and you may add additional Bible translations.


Installation Instructions:

  • Download the program here.
  • Double-click on the program to start the install process.
  • Click Next button on the Welcome screen.
  • Read the agreement and click "I accept the agreement" and then the Next button.
  • Click the Install button and the program will be installed.
  • Once the installation has finished, click the Finish button.


Running the Program:

  • Click your start button
  • Open the Holy Bible Folder
  • Click on the Holy Bible Icon
  • The default interface language is Farsi, to change to English click on the 4th menu item from the right and then the bottom menu item and select "English"
  • For more information on the program and English Bibles see the following site:



Full Holy Bible program with Farsi and Gilaki (follow installation instructions above)

Portable Holy Bible program with Farsi and Gilaki (Unzip it by clicking "Extract all files". The extracted folder can be copied to a flash drive or other portable device. Start the program by clicking the Bible icon inside the folder.)


Audio Modules

Download the module and double-click it to install it into the Holy Bible program


Gospel of John

All 21 Chapters (224 MB)

Ch. 1 Ch. 2 Ch. 3 Ch. 4 Ch. 5 Ch. 6 Ch. 7 Ch. 8 Ch. 9 Ch. 10 Ch. 11 Ch. 12 Ch. 13 Ch. 14 Ch. 15 Ch. 16 Ch. 17 Ch. 18 Ch. 19 Ch. 20 Ch. 21