The Miracles of Jesus Christ (Lahijan dialect)

In the days that Jesus Christ live on this earth, he performed many miracles. These miracles are recorded in Gilaki in these audio tracks. This is part of the story of Jesus that's recorded in the gospels. The gospels are part of the Bible, God's word. We recommend to you that after you listen to these tracks, read the entire story of the life of Jesus by finding for yourself a copy of the Bible. It is God's word for all mankind.

  • Teaching in the Synagogue and Healing of the Roman Officer's Son

  • Healing of Peter's Mother-in-Law and the Paralyzed Man

  • Raising of the Widow's Son, Calming of the Sea and Casting Out of the Unclean Spirits

  • Healing of the Woman with a Bleeding Problem and Raising of Jairus' Daughter

  • Food for Five Thousand, Walking on the Water and Healing of the Blind and Lame

  • Healing of the Demon-possessed Boy and the Man Blind from Birth

  • Healing of Ten Lepers and a Blind Man