Radio Programs in Gilaki - Home and the Family (Lahijan dialect)

Greetings, as you know the family has a special place in God's heart. He himself created the family. The concept of the family is very important today, especially how we keep it healthy. We have tried to take a look at the problems and issues facing the family from a Christian perspective. May it be useful to you and may it cause God to be glorified in your families. We ask that the Lord would touch your hearts. May the grace of our God be with you.

  • Program 1 (The Concept of a Good Marriage and Family)

  • Program 2 (The Place of Children in the Home)

  • Program 3 (What Does God Think About Marriage?)

  • Program 4 (Love in the Family and in the Home)

  • Program 5 (The Necessity of Real Love in Marriage)

  • Program 6 (How a Marriage Becomes Empty and Meaningless)

  • Program 7 (Marriage and the Sexual Relationship)

  • Program 8 (How Do We Know if Our Feelings of Love are Real)